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Sales Manager Campaign

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Campaign Highlights.

In early 2020, Foodchain were appointed to recruit for a newly created Sales Manager role for Non-Alcoholic start up brand, Saicho Drinks. The requirement was specifically for a part time candidate, for a view to make the role full time in
The brand and job opportunity was creatively showcased to our candidate database and wider network. A unique advertising tool was used to position the job profile in front of candidates via Mobile in Video and Image format rather than a traditional job advert.
This led to a higher success rate of candidate interest towards the role and to support with the headhunt process.
Our team identified suitable profiles who were pre-screened and assessed before being introduced to Saicho.
The initial candidate employed on a contractual basis wasn't offered the full time position, but a free replacement allowed the company to hire a different candidate without it costing them any further.
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