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Twist Teas

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About Twist Teas.

Twist Teas approach is unique. They provide the best quality hand blended tea so that it reaches the consumer in pristine condition and tastes amazing.

They address the tea lovers’ problem of wanting to try different types of tea, brewed in different ways without ever having to compromise on taste.

Their Blends With Benefits offer spectacular flavour combinations; added functional ingredients proving health benefits; and different ways of brewing.

They are the Swiss Army Knife of Teas. They’re addressing the consumer trends of vegan, gluten / sugar free, low calorie, great tasting drinks with tea lattes, cold brews, matcha and functional teas - and new categories of tea like sugar free, healthy, indulgent blends.

Company Values.

Environmentally Focused | Purpose Over Profit Driven | Always Learning | Exceeding Expectations

Twist Tea's are certified plastic free, FCA approved, ethically sourced with certified provenance. We are Living Wage accredited and are about to be certified by BCORP and give 10% of our Gross Profit to The Charlene Peterson Fund for Children.

We care about: the environment, our employees and our blends. We work hard, seek to exceed expectations and love to learn. We are a truly independent British tea brand

Kickstart Scheme Opportunities.

Watch the video below to find out more about their Kickstart Scheme, and get an insight from the recent Kickstarters and the hiring manager himself. Continue to scroll down to review the jobs available.

Journey So Far...

Started With 12.

​Established 4 years ago by passionate founders with extensive marketing, legal & project management backgrounds.

Twist Teas was created with 12 exciting new blends and sold their teas into local cafes & farm shops.

Great Taste Awards

​They won 7 Great Taste Awards and added more blends to our portfolio and more customers to our books.

They set up the Twist Tea Club – a monthly subscription club.

Team Growth.

They recruited a sales team and gained Plastic Free accreditation.

Continuing To Grow.

​Business and team continued to grow. They added more people in their direct sales team and digital marketing sales team whilst increasing their eCommerce sales by 400%.

They gained Living Wage accreditation. Developed exciting and innovative digital marketing methods using Twist Champions to roll them out.

Purpose Before Profit

BCORP accreditation is about to be signed this year, becoming a business with Purpose before Profit.

​Working with Foodchain Recruitment to expand the digital team to include more Twist Champions in the form of Kickstart recruits.

  • Nicky Kavanaugh - Co-Founder
    Nicky Kavanaugh - Co-Founder

    "​Perseverance gets rewarded. We look for individuals who are organised, can meet deadlines and never give up."​

  • Claire Ayres - Co-Founder
    Claire Ayres - Co-Founder

    ​"Hard work and dedication are the building blocks for a successful career at Twist Teas"

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