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Sekforde Drinks

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About Sekforde Drinks.

The best ideas are often born out of frustration. Sekforde was born out of the frustration with the limited ways to enjoy spirits. Existing soft drinks, while delicious, mask the taste of spirits and contain high levels of sugar. They weren’t created with mixing in mind.

Sekforde is a range of four sodas created to mix with spirits. Specifically whisky, rum, gin and tequila. They are the first of their kind globally and are all unique flavours.

They are lighter, fresher drinks that complement & lengthen spirits instead of overpowering them. Letting you appreciate the spirit through the mixer.

Sekforde’s mission is to unlock spirits, bringing people a new way to discover and enjoy them. Today Sekforde is stocked in retailers including Waitrose and Ocado and is used in award winning bars.

​​Company Values.

Partnership | Fearlessness | Persistence | Creativity

Partnership: Sekforde mixers are tailored to complement and work with spirits. Because of this, they are a company that 100% believes in partnership and working together.

Starting with the principle that everyone in the team has a voice and should be listened too. You never now where the best ideas come from. They have monthly team meetings to hear everyone’s thoughts. They also invite people to speak to the founder anytime they like. They also days put aside where we can work together to do charity work and give back.

Fearlessness & Persistence: They have launched and are building a world first, this means unexpected challenges and experiences. A fun and exciting situation but also one that requires persistence and the mind set of giving things a go and keep on trying. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Creativity: This is an exciting and unique brand which gives them the freedom to approach things differently. Finding fun marketing approaches and different ways to spread the word and get people trying Sekforde.

Journey So Far...

Sodas Launched

Sekforde launches the sodas tailored to mix with spirits. First coverage appeared in the Times. Secure a listing in Harvey Nichols. Taken on by The Blind Pig, Jason Atherton’s famous London Bar

More Listings.

Securied listings in more exciting, top London bars. Continued to get column inches appearing in The Independent & The Telegraph,

Waitrose Listing.

The Sekforde range launches in Waitrose whilst continuing to be picked up by more London bars and restaurants.

Featured on Sunday Brunch...Twice!

Ian Burrell the global rum ambassador takes the brand on Sunday Brunch twice!. They win at the bartender brand awards and even more exciting listings in bars.

New Opportunities.

The Sekforde range launches in Ocado. Sekforde hires its Head of Sales, with more job opportunities to come. Watch this space!

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