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Ridiculously Rich By Alana

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About Ridiculously Rich By Alana

Ridiculously Rich specialise in delicious handmade cakes like their much loved Gooey Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel Slices, Belgian Chocolate Rocky Roads and many more. Lovingly made by hand in their bakery in Wales, their team of bakers work together to tantalise your taste buds!

Owner and head baker Alana Spencer started her love of all things sweet at 14 when her Mum bought her a book on chocolate making and she has been hooked ever since. In 2016, Alana decided to take her business a step further and applied to be a candidate on BBC’s The Apprentice. Her passion for her business and delicious cakes sealed the deal leading to her win and so ‘Ridiculously Rich by Alana’ was born.

More recently, Ridiculously Rich have ventured into opening their line of café dessert bars, selecting beautiful seaside locations to serve their array of cakes, bakes and shakes to all! Right on brand, everything made at their café’s is ‘Ridiculously Rich’ and served with a smile!

Company Values.

Passion For Baking | Customer Service | Hardworking

Ridiculously Rich are proudly picky when it comes to refining their cake recipes. Developed by Alana over years of kitchen research (that is, tasting and trialling all sorts of scrumptiously sweet stuff) the cakes in their signature collection are meticulously hand-crafted in Wales from the finest ingredients. Imagine divinely dark Belgian chocolate, giant marshmallows, locally-farmed free range eggs and silky salted caramel – mmm! Their lives have been shaped by baking and they love sharing our passion for ridiculously delicious cakes with fellow treat lovers everywhere.

A key part of Ridiculously Rich is service with a smile! They pride themselves on giving great customer service and creating a happy hardworking team so that everyone leaves happy.

First Kitchen.

Alana Spencer’s professional love affair with sweet treats began at the age of 14, when her Mum bought her a book about making chocolate. Alana became a self-taught chocolatier at only 16, renting her first kitchen and starting to sell her luxury chocolates to friends, family and teachers before quickly attracting the interest of two shops in Aberystwyth.

Pursuing Her Chocolate-Loving Dream

The delicious chocolates became incredibly popular. Alana decided to leave school and pursue her entrepreneurial chocolate-loving dream. Initially calling her business Narna’s (after the nickname used by her little sister!), she started making tray-baked cakes alongside her chocolates and moved production to a purpose-built country kitchen in her parents’ back garden.

Soon Alana was travelling nationwide, selling her well – loved cakes at food events and shows.

The Apprentice

Alana decided to take her business a step further and she applied to become a candidate on BBC One's The Apprentice, seeking a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar. Her passion for her business and delicious cakes sealed the deal and so ‘Ridiculously Rich by Alana’ was born!

Ambassador Scheme Launched

Alana launched her Ambassador schemes, to find an army of cake-lovers, giving those that have always wished to run their own business a chance to come on board and start their very own Ridiculously Rich franchise. Fast forward to 2019 and Ridiculously Rich has almost 50 franchises taking the cakes to events all across the UK and stocking their local independent retailers.

New Bakery & Cafe's

In 2019 the very first Ridiculously Rich bakery was opened, home for all the deliciousness! And a year later the first of the Ridiculously Rich by the Sea café’s was launched in Alana and the businesses home town of Aberystwyth.

Future Growth.

With daily queues and wonderful regular customers, the café’s are now a key part of Ridiculously Rich’s future with 2021 seeing plans for numerous cafes along the Welsh coast, to bring their handmade cakes, fully loaded fries, decedent shakes and more to the mouths of many!

Watch this space for new opportunities to join their team via Foodchain Recruitment.

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