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REAL Kombucha

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About REAL

REAL began when founder, David Begg, had all but given up drinking. A big lover of food, David found he missed the joy of pairing great wine with great food, and increasingly noticed that people choosing not to drink were not catered for in any serious, sophisticated manner. When a friend introduced him to an earthy, rich, oolong kombucha, he realised there might be a real alternative.

They worked closely with wine makers, champagne makers, beer brewers and microbiologists around the world to perfect both the art and science and create perfect brew. Detailed microbiology, DNA testing, chemical analysis and experimentation with 150 different teas until he came up with the finest in fermentation.

REAL is changing the way people drink. In a market where people are becoming more considerate of their sugar consumption, there are few genuine alternatives to a sophisticated alcoholic beverage that offers both flavour and the same celebratory moment.

Company Values.

Innovation | Quality | Flavour | Health | Dynamic

They are a very fast paced, young company, led by a great team of experienced individuals. The Founder is a seasoned consumer entrepreneur, with companies such as, Tom Dixon and already under his belt. And he is supported by talented co-founders from Lucozade Ribena Suntory and Havas Media, and a very strong group of investors. More than anything, the team is passionate about food and drink with big plans.

Journey So Far...

Supporting Their Team And Communities

​REAL Chaynyy Kvas - is limited edition sparkling tea with all profits going to The Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. This is a take on traditional Ukrainian Kvas, made using the Yunnan Black tea. It was inspired in support of Ukrainian friend and team member, Technical Brewer Oleg and his family in Ukraine, as well as all those displaced by this conflict.

Premium flavour - 0%

​In only the first 18 months, their products were already being served in over 50 Michelin starred restaurants around the UK.

No More Alcohol

​His first brew, made with a silver needle tea that he happened to have bought on a family holiday to India, produced incredible floral, aromatic flavours. Putting together a small team that included nutrition innovator, Adrian Hodgson, and tea expert, Will Battle the REAL was born.

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