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Punchy Drinks

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About Punchy Drinks.

Punchy makes adult soft drinks, designed to transport you to happy times.

In a world of sugary, eco-destructive & unadventurous drinks, they thought it was time for something better.

So, the founders began their mission to make better drinks, mixing concoctions at home that reminded them of good times with friends.

All the products are natural, vegan friendly, gluten free, low sugar, & low calorie.

The products are plastic free & the business recently became operationally carbon neutral & they're committed to becoming climate positive in the next 2 years.

This means the best ingredients & no weird stuff, plastic-free packaging, & a percentage of all sales going to charities dedicated to protecting our environment.

Company Values.

Charity | Carbon Positive | Fun

At its core punchy aims to promote adventurous, sustainable living. Everything they do harks back to this north star. To this end, Punchy Drinks donate 1% of their sales to a charity called The Great Ovenevery year, as well as giving them 1% of our stock. They are operationally carbon neutral and committed to becoming climate positive in the next 2 years. They are awaiting on their B Corp certification.

Journey So Far...

Launched In Selfridges.

Punchy Drinks launched in Selfridges in 2019 and have not looked back since.

Direct To Consumer Offering

They continued working with the top distributors in the UK and began to growing their direct to consumer offering.

Future Developments.

Stocked in over 500 locations across the country, Punchy Drinks are working with Foodchain to help with the next stage of their company growth.

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