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No Ordinary Moments

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About No Ordinary Moments.

No Ordinary Moments mission is to help enhance life in the present.

They were frustrated with foods that prevented this limiting our performance, health and mindset.

Leaving them feeling anxious, analytical & not present.

Plant Protein + is designed to support you holistically.

They pride themselves in using only powerful, trusted, natural and ethically sourced ingredients.

They have a range of organic wholefoods supplements, backed by science to solve mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, & inflammation.

This enables users to feel naturally energized, productive, & more present every day.

​Company Values.

Inspired | Care | Attention to Detail

No Ordinary Moments is looking for people who get excited about what they love to do. They have a very relaxed company culture and like to find people who love to work on projects they are excited and inspired about.They believe in their customers and treat them like an extension of their family. They provide a service with love, care & attention to detail.

Journey So Far...

New Markets.

​They are looking to bring out two new products this year in the coffee and sleep markets.

Plant protein+.

​They have one product so far in the market space that is doing very well. It is called Plant Protein+ and it is an alternative to pea and whey protein shakes and it is filled with superfoods! It is featured in the top 20 best selling products on Amazon most weeks.

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