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About NGX.

Nutri-Genetix (NGX) a UK based Super Wellness company - they are the future of nutrition - driving change in the way nutrition is planned and delivered to everyone, through affordable tests and products that revolutionise the way nutrition is managed.

Pro athletes and fitness models achieve the results and physiques they do by following personal nutrition regimes that are created uniquely for them by expert nutritionists and chefs, every day. But most of us don't have this luxury, so we only ever achieve average results from training and workouts. That's why Nutri Genetix was created!

NGX create personalised nutrition shakes that provide the exact balance of nutrients required by an individuals body, dependent on their genetics. This supports in exceeding fitness, health and wellbeing goals.

NGX is blended using naturally sourced, high quality ingredients that are vegan friendly, taste great and sustainably sourced. They are constantly using the latest nutrition science to make their products the very best they can be.

The company was founded by three co-founders with the same mission: to empower people to achieve better. Jeremy Poland (CEO), Hugo Jones (COO) and Alex Blyth (Inventor & Chairman) collectively have over 30 years' experience across the fitness, health and wellbeing industries, bringing over 50 products to market in that time.

Company Values.

Use of Natural, Vegan, High Quality Ingredients | Use Robost Science | Sustainable Focussed

NGX believe that to be the best, you have to eat the best. That's why all their blends of NGX use only quality, natural plant ingredients with no fillers or bulking agents.

Nutrigenetics is an emerging field of science and like most fields of science, continues to evolve. The team are committed to developing, learning and incorporating the new knowledge and evidence to ensure their customers get the best possible insight, information and experience.

The ingredients used are 100% vegan and ethically sourced from the UK. NGX use sustainable business practices wherever possible and they will always seek ways to improve and minimise their environmental impact.

Journey So Far...

Company Launched.

Launched in 2020 after two years of research and development, the food tech brand have developed the world’s first genetically personalised nutrition shake. NGX tailors its meal replacement supplements and nutrition shakes using customer’s individual DNA.

Growth, Funding & New Partnerships.

The business had a great year, establishing a profitable model for acquiring customers, sold over 120,000 meals of BodyFuel, got investment offers from Peter Jones and Touker Suleyman from Dragons’ Den (though they turned them down after the show), and established great new brand partnerships with the likes of Barclaycard and Amex.

Future Ambition.

Nutri-Genetix eyes US launch following £500k crowdfunding round, beating its £300k target and valuing the company at £4m.

Partnering with Foodchain to grow the team further with 4 significant key hires.

  • Jeremy Poland - Co-Founder & CEO
    Jeremy Poland - Co-Founder & CEO

    ​"We’re a passionate team of nutrition and fitness advocates, and we believe 100% in the results that people can achieve by choosing DNA-specific nutrition. We started NGX because we believe we can help people lead fitter, healthier and happier lives and we will continue to innovate and create great personalised products that are available to all."

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