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Naked Biotics

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About Naked Biotics.

During a trip to South Africa they discovered a revolutionary probiotic formula fermented in liquid form.

The raw product had such a positive impact on their daily lives, the founders decided to bring it back to the UK & Naked Biotics was born.

Naked Biotics contains a unique blend of herbs & 12 strains of live bacteria.

It’s an affordable daily liquid shot that sits within the high-growth gut health category.

The brand is targeted at health & wellness enthusiasts looking to make simple & effective improvements to their lifestyle.

Each bottle helps maintain your gut’s healthy balance with specially brewed, live fermented bacteria, and NO NASTIES.

​Company Values.

Passionate | Growth | Social

They are so passionate about working closely with their Naked Biotics family. They spend a large proportion of their lives at work so it’s important that they have a supportive, fun, and all-round great environment. They are very social and encouraging as a brand and support growth within roles / teams / personal skills.

Journey So Far...

Initial Growth.

They are stocked in stores such as Planet Organic and Crussh and have a great brand presence on social channels and the growth continues every day.

University Led Trials.

This year they are backed by South Bank University and will be undergoing clinical trials to prove the power and effectiveness of Naked Biotics.

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