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Mother Root

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About Mother Root.

Mother Root, make revitalising non-alcoholic aperitifs for when you want to switch-off from your busy day, but want to feel fresh the next morning. Mother Root bring the same flavour intensity and sense of occasion to their drinks as you get from your favourite glass of wine along with a sense of history to the non-alcoholic drinks category.

Inspired by an age-old American recipe, Mother Root’s Ginger Switchel is a delicious, all-natural ianfusion of pressed ginger juice, blossom honey & organic apple cider vinegar that will excite your tastebuds and leave you feeling revitalised.

Best enjoyed as a pre-dinner aperitif over ice with soda, a slice of orange & a fragrant sprig of rosemary. Mother Root was made to be a versatile addition to your drinks collection, and encourage experimentation to make Mother Root your own ritual.

Journey So Far...

Mother Root Was Born

Mother Root founder, Bethan Higson, a flavour fanatic, decided to use her experience of working within the wine business for over 10 years & switched from selling booze to making her own non-alcoholic drinks just after the birth of her first baby, Fred.

New Hires

​Plans to be growing the team this year with Foodchain Recruitment. Watch this space.

  • Bethan Higson - Founder
    Bethan Higson - Founder

    ​“I am a flavour fanatic, especially when it comes to drinks…I wanted to bring the same flavour intensity & sense of occasion to alc-free drinks as you get from your favourite glass of wine.”

Image 2021 01 20 T13 10 45

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