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Molson Coors

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About Molson Coors

For over two centuries Molson Coors has been brewing beverages that unite people to celebrate all life’s moments.

In addition to popular favourites like Coors, Carling & Doom Bar, the portfolio includes Aspall, Staropramen, Madrí Excepcional, Blue Moon, Pravha, Cobra and Cobra Zero, Rekorderlig, and the latest addition, Three Fold hard seltzer. Through exclusive distribution partnerships, they also expanded their range to include Bodega Bay, Miami Cocktail Company, Tarquin’s Gin, Lixir Drinks, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and Mixologist’s Garden.

In the UK, more than 2000 dedicated and passionate Molson Coors people work together to make their business First Choice for their people, their consumers and their customers.

It takes highly engaged and motivated teams to become First Choice. Exceptional results mean nothing without an exceptional culture both in terms of their employee culture & sustainable practices. After all, with great beer, comes great responsibility. 

Company Values.

​Sustainability | Growth | Vision | Diversity | Quality | Freedom

Beer brings people together and their brands delight millions. With deep roots, modern mission, and unlimited opportunities to shape the future of their employees. Wherever they brew or sell beer, they leave an imprint on their communities, environment and on business. They do this by giving people the freedom they need to grow, explore and perfect their craft, all while providing the unwavering quality of a company that has stood the test of time.

Why Work Here...

Quench Your Thirst For Learning

Brew your own career with Molson Coor's recipe of challenging work and opportunities to learn.

Through the First Choice Learning Center, employees can explore live learning opportunities, on-the-job development assignments, online courses and everything in between to make you better at the job you have and prepare you for the one you want—whether you’re looking to lead yourself, lead others or lead the business.

The development programs focus on building your mindset, skillset and toolset, so you and the business grow together.

Free Beer & So Much More!

"When we’re at our best, we can bring our best."

It takes highly engaged and motivated teams to become First Choice. Exceptional results mean nothing without an exceptional culture so Molson Coors reward their people with more than just a paycheck.

They offer competitive, affordable and comprehensive benefits. Perks include flexibility to balance individual needs while continuing to deliver exceptional service to their consumers and customers.

Brewing A Sustainable Future

Molson Coor's legacy is their beer.

Dedication never tasted so good. With more than 350 years of combined brewing heritage, Molson Coors are more passionate than ever about making great beer. They've won many international awards, but awards aren’t as important as great beer. They're always working to perfect their brands and develop new ones to delight the world’s beer drinkers.

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