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Balanced Living...Time to drink smarter with CBD + Nootropics + Adaptogens + Nutrients. MEDAHUMAN is a lifestyle brand at the forefront of a global CBD revolution and a first mover in the UK.

The brand’s Wellness and NO-LO ranges provide targeted, game-changing smarter drinking with a collection of functional drinks that expertly blend Cannabidiol (CBD) with synergistic, nutritional ingredients.

The drinks are low sugar and low calorie and crafted to restore balance to mind and body from day to night, whether that’s training hard, working hard or playing hard.

Over 18 months, MEDAHUMAN has established a trading track-record across direct to consumer as well as on and off-trade in the UK. The brand is well positioned to expand internationally in 2021.

MEDAHUMAN as an authoritative, informative voice in the CBD wellness and in the NO-LO space. MEDAHUMAN is a premium brand trusted by consumers for its quality, taste and effectiveness.

Journey So Far...

MEDAHUMAN on-shelf

​Premium retail listings commence


​Premium hospitality listings commence

Distribution & Team Development

​Developing retail & hospitality team with new distributors and ambassadors. Premium hospitality listings roll out.

Developing international expansion. Multiple retail listings commence.

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