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Long Shot Drinks

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About Long Shot Drinks.

A no-nonsense blend of fruit, sparkling water & alcohol, Long Shot have entered the drinks world, going against the grain by using only all-natural high quality fruit juice & a natural grain spirit. Never anything artificial!

Fuelled by a rebellious spirit, a thirst for adventure & a healthy dose of blind optimism, the team behind Long Shot, decided to quit their 9-5 corporate jobs & take a “long shot” at creating their very own drink.

After some careful crafting, a bit of experimenting & a long night or two, they got there. By taking things back to basics & being inspired by a hugely popular US trend, Hard Seltzer, they created a range of alcoholic sparkling waters made right here in the UK, and tastes great.

They found that many drinks brewing in the market were packed with artificial ingredients & fake flavours, which made no sense to them. They made sure their product would be made in the right way, with the right ingredients, an aim to help shape the movement towards more transparency for customers to know exactly what it is they’re drinking.

Company Values.

Innovation | Honesty | Transparency

Long Shot aim to be the leading UK hard seltzer brand. They have a long way to go, but they have what it takes with great product & bucket loads of ambition. They don’t like sitting still, constantly looking as to how they can provide a better service for their drinkers, whether that’s cheaper delivery or better availability in local stores or just experimenting to find their next flavour idea to expand their range.

The Long Shot team live & breathe everything they do & crave being part of an early-stage start-up intent on breaking the drinking status quo. For too long the drinks scene has been dominated by the same big brands all offering the same products. Long Shot want to show there is space for an innovative British underdog to break on to the scene & connect with a younger, more health-conscious drinker, & is why they show exactly what goes into their drinks.

Journey So Far...

Took A Long Shot.

​Company founder, Hugo Hodgson took the plunge and decided to start his own business, experimenting & crafting an all-natural alcoholic fruit drink.

Successful First Year.

Long Shot launched their hard seltzer products & have since sold over 20,000 cans. Secured online listings with Amazon, Not on the High Street & Skinny Booze &physical listings in a number of bars & restaurants, to bottle shops & farm shops.

Awarded ‘Food & Drink Entrepreneur of the Year’ winner for the Midlands & a ‘Great Taste’ award for Raspberry & Blackcurrant flavour.

Key Hire: George Blurton joins as Sales & Marketing Director.

Continuing To Grow.

In conversations with a number of supermarkets & running trials with a number of leading train & plane companies.

Currently raising investment to expand production run quantities & have a number of exciting export opportunities to target this year.

Working with Foodchain Recruitment to expand their Sales & Marketing team. Watch this space…

  • Hugo Hodgson - Founder
    Hugo Hodgson - Founder

    ​"I am hugely grateful to the Long Shot team who have helped to shape our future vision. We have a fantastic team around us who help keep the ship afloat & moving in the right direction."

  • George Blurton - Sales & Marketing Director
    George Blurton - Sales & Marketing Director

    "We want our Long Shot team to live & breathe everything we do & crave being part of an early-stage start-up intent on breaking the drinking status quo."

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