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H!P Chocolate

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About H!P Chocolate.

Founded in 2021, H!P chocolate was born out of a desire to eat good quality, creamy vegan chocolate. H!P are on a mission to prove that next generation chocolate doesn’t have to compromise on taste, so they only use the best quality single-origin Colombian cocoa in their chocolate and combine this with creamy oat milk to create a smooth, milky taste.

Their goal is to revolutionise the mainstream chocolate market by rejecting the widespread dependence on animal products.

H!P believe that chocolate can make the world a better place, with fair relationships where everybody wins. This means producing chocolate in an ethical and environmentally-friendly way, using oat milk as a delicious and sustainable alternative to cow’s milk.

H!P prioritise people and planet at every step of the production process, but also pride themselves on their fun flavours too. They want to drive change in the way we eat and make snacking sustainably as easy and delicious as it should be.

Company Values.

Committed To Sustainable Practices | Plant-Powered Product | Slave-Free Chocolate Supply Chain

H!P are committed to sustainable practices and are proud to be driving change within the chocolate industry.

Over the years, cocoa farming has led to mass deforestation, with farmers often clearing tropical forests to plant new cocoa trees rather than reusing the same land. So, in a bid to create climate-friendly chocolate, the Colombian cocoa used in H!P bars is on the lowest end of the cocoa environmental impact spectrum.

H!P discovered that, per kilogram, their chocolate has a carbon footprint over 50% lower than chocolate made with cow’s milk. For context, choosing one H!P Chocolate bar instead of an equivalent dairy chocolate bar saves the same emissions as driving 1.35km in a standard car.

In order to create delicious, dairy-free chocolate, Oat milk was the obvious choice - outperforming other plant milks on sustainability, healthiness and, crucially, taste. Its thick and creamy texture makes it perfect for creating milky chocolate. Oat milk contains no added sugars, whilst also high in fibre, protein and vitamins like zinc, vitamin D, and magnesium, and on average the oat milk in our bars uses 200 litres less water and ⅓ of the CO2 compared to most chocolate made with cow's milk. We see no reason not to love it.

Company Benefits.

London Living Wage

H!P are a London Living Wage Employer, ensuring all the team are fairly remunerated.

Diversity & Inclusion

​Love Cocoa recruits, employs, trains, and promotes regardless of race, religion, colour, national origin, sex, disability, age, and other protected status with women, people of colour, people with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ community strongly encouraged to apply for new job opportunities.

Hybrid Working

​Hybrid office and working from home model within the company. Also an early finish every Friday at 4.30 pm, and currently trialling last Friday of month as Work From Home with a finish at 2.30 pm

Training & Development

​Training budget of up to £500 a year is provided to those wishing to further their self-development.

Insurance / Pension

Vitality medical insurance and People's Pension is provided once probation has been passed.

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