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Gusto Snacks

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An award-winning startup company on a mission to reduce food waste. They save rejected fruits from going to waste by transforming them into air-dried fruits crisps with a mango/coconut twist.

Besides tackling food waste, their products are healthier alternatives to unhealthy snacks in the market.

With consumers becoming more conscious of their health, they offer them the opportunity to eat healthy while being environmentally friendly.

Their motto is simple; they want people to waste less, snack more and do good!

If you are willing to join a dynamic and friendly team, then you will fit right in. Gusto are fully committed to making sure that they add value to all their partners, staff included. They will put you in the frontline and give you autonomy to showcase your skills and talents.

If you are the kind of person who likes a challenge, they want you!

Journey So Far...

Early Wins.

​Since the inception of Gusto Snacks, they have had significant wins, among which; the backing of Santander, Shell livewire and Unltd for our innovation and sustainable approach.
Six months after our official product launch, we have built a strong social following and forged relationships with key UK retailers to widen business operations and customer reach.

Team Growth.

​Expecting more growth over the coming months. Watch this space for new job opportunities.

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