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About Goodrays.

🎂 FOUNDED: 2019
📍 LOCATION: Whitechapel, London (Flex. Working)
👥 TEAM SIZE: 10+ Employees
Goodrays exist to help busy minds find calm and clarity. They design and deliver the most exciting, effective and accessible CBD products for people who want to improve their mental wellbeing.
For too long, mental wellbeing has been ignored by the food and drink industry, dominated by high sugar, hard alcohol and ultra-processed foods.
Goodrays is changing that!
Using a decade of experience in the CBD industry, all their products are crafted with rigorous testing, science-backed efficacy & outstanding taste, made with as little impact on the planet as possible and supported by a community of mental wellbeing experts and advocates.
Experience the transformative journey of overcoming anxiety and unlocking the secrets to mental wellbeing.
Goodray's Founder, Eoin Keenan, like many, experienced clouds of uncertainty and anxiety from a young age, hindering the pursuit of their 'best life.'
The quest for natural solutions led to a revelation - CBD.
Delving into the depths of scientific research, the true power of CBD emerged - a multi-faceted remedy offering relief from stress, enhancing mental acuity, and restoring vitality.
From tranquil sleep to renewed energy, CBD proved to be nature's elixir.
Driven by a passion to share this discovery, a decade-long odyssey ensued, traversing continents in search of the finest hemp ingredients.
From the sun-kissed fields of California to the majestic landscapes of British Columbia and Colorado, the journey led to the pinnacle of quality and sustainability.
Join Goodrays (currently via Sales or Marketing job opportunities) and embrace the potential of CBD and rewrite the narrative of wellness.
Image 2024 04 23 T01 40 52

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