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About EXALT.

A fresh face on the nutrition scene, a no-nonsense, uncompromising provider of performance nutrition that’s built for better; ticking all the boxes of taste, convenience and nourishment.

EXALT was founded by Charlie & Dan in 2019 in North London, two guys who found themselves so frustrated with the lack of premium & fresh on-the-go nutrition that they decided to create their own solution, EXALT.

EXALT has been developed using only the best of the best in the business - the top taste experts, dietitians, nutritionists and fitness gurus - all so that they can deliver both powerful nutrition & ultimate convenience.

EXALT is the first brand to have created a truly FRESH protein shake / meal-in-a-bottle without pasteurisation or preservatives - in effect creating a new sub-category.

They also offer a range of functional cold-pressed juice with natural supplements such as CBD, collagen and natural caffeine. EXALT is the first brand to have created a fresh green juice with collagen.

EXALT is rapidly growing across eCommerce and wholesale being stocked at Ocado, Selfridges, Planet Organic, Equinox & Peloton Studios.

They’re also a Nike events partner supplying co-branded Nike x EXALT drinks in London for Nike's 50th anniversary and Nike Experiences events.

EXALT are due to announce a partnership with a Premier League Football Club where they’ll be supplying bespoke drinks to the First Team. This is a significant milestone for the EXALT team, a vital opportunity to monetise this partnership with other professional sports teams and retailers.

Based in North London (Islington), but with big expansion plans, they have just completed their 3rd investment round, so you’d be joining the team at this exciting time of rapid growth to help scale the business even further.

Company Values.

Honesty | Relentless Ambition | Innovative | Considered | Uncompromising

At EXALT, values are at the very core of everything they do. From the products, to the team and the experts that they work with, these same values are rooted within.

EXALT keep these five key values in mind at all times, always questioning whether their next move fits, and if it doesn’t, then they simply won’t do it.

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