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Evolved Snacks

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About Evolved Snacks.

Fresh fruit is sticky, time-consuming & wasteful, while dried fruit is notorious for destroying important nutrients & coating with added sugar! At Evolved, we’re changing the way people eat fruit in the 21st Century.

Through the innovation of freeze-drying, we have given fruit the evolutionary kick it needs to stay convenient, fun & waste-free in the 21st Century!

Freshly picked fruit is carefully diced into our little bites. These are flash frozen to lock in the taste, colour & nutrients before a vacuum chamber removes 98% of the moisture content.

Our light & crunchy freeze-dried fruit bites are quickly packed to keep the freshness!

Our range of light, colourful, exotic fruit mixes are available in snack pack & large pouch format, perfect for on the go & for use at home.

Company Values.

Leadership | Innovation | Ethical | Fun | Sustainable

In the UK, only 18% of kids and 28% of adults meet their recommended fruit & veg intake. This is contributing to the soaring rates of obesity, diabetes & other dietary related diseases. Founded by a Nutritionist, Evolved is on a mission to help people to eat more fruit!

Evolved is a young, vibrant, light-hearted brand but with seriously big ambitions. With a focus on nutrition, strong ethics and sustainability, Evolved aims to lead the way in food innovation within the next 3 years.

Journey So Far...

Launched Nationwide.

Since launching at the beginning of 2020, Evolved has experienced rapid growth, supplying the likes of Google offices, International Airlines, National Railways, Vending Machines & Amazon Prime Nationwide.

Future Ambition.

With new product launches on the horizon, Evolved has begun conversations with larger supermarkets & distributors, with ambitions to be a household name by 2022.

Evolved Snacks will be hiring their first key hires this year via Foodchain Recruitment. Watch the space below for new opportunities.

  • Dom Kristy - Founder
    Dom Kristy - Founder

    "We’re looking for people with character, energy & ambition. We care about our customers & we care about our wider impact. If you reflect our core values, are excited by our mission & are ready to learn & grow with the brand, you’ll be a great fit here."

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