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Camellia's Tea House

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About Camellia's Tea

Camellia’s Tea House is an independent, family run business based in London that was founded by brother and sister, Lubna and Ajit Madan.

Their started from blending teas at home with that passion leading them to create beautiful and highly rated tea houses as well as some of the tea industries most innovative tea and wellness infusion blends.

They only use the highest quality ingredients from around the world and traditional handmade technique. To ensure that teas are as premium and have the best profile they make them in small batches and cultivate welcoming and educational tea culture.

Camellia’s creative blends aim to encourage health, wellbeing while being fresh and delicious. They work with some of the most creative minds in the food and health industries to showcase how teas can be integrated into food and lifestyles.

Company Values.

Creativity | Wellness | Innovation | Collaboration | Passion | Quality | Sustainability

Camellia’s Tea House is a passion driven business so it’s all about quality and innovation.

They are a team of smart, spiritual, likable and most importantly driven individuals, who have a passion for health and wellbeing.

They welcome new ideas and with a flat hierarchy and collaborative environment they champion their team’s growth and development.

They love tea and want to bring the best quality blends that will improve your health, wellbeing and experience of food and drinks. Their amazing team is happy to answer any question, give advice and create bespoke blends giving you bit of knowledge with a side of innovation. Because everyone deserves to experience the benefits that teas have to offer.

Journey So Far...

Born From Passion

Founded by brother and sister, Lubna and Ajit Madan it all started started from blending teas at home with that passion leading them to create most innovative tea and wellness infusion blends.

Tea House Opened.

​Camellia’s Tea House launched their own tea house located in London, which is an ode to tea culture with over 70 different types of tea and artisan range of tea infused foods, pastries and cakes and our way of inviting everyone to immerse themselves in our passion.

New Tea Brand Founded

​Using the scientific evidence and their background in medicinal herbs, Camellia’s Tea House developed a new range of wellness teas that specifically targeted those living with chronic diseases. The ingredients they use are organic with anti-inflammatory properties. The formulas offer liver support, help with associated digestive issues, aid skin repair, manage pain, stress, and anxiety, and promote body systems to cleanse, energise, sleep, relax, and rebuild.

  • Ajit Madan - Founder
    Ajit Madan - Founder

    ​“We are looking for energetic, creative and ambitious people who want a career in a young company at the centre of tea culture in the UK. We have a very flat management structure and we encourage our employees to contribute ideas to help with the growth and development of our business.  For the right employee, career progression can be rapid and unlimited.”

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