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Better Nature

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About Better Nature.

Better Nature, one of the UK's fastest growing clean-label meat alternative start-ups & the world’s first food-tech company focused on Tempeh (plant-based protein) fermentation & innovation.

Tempeh was discovered more than 300 years ago in Indonesia. It is made via the process of fermentation, where soybeans (or other legumes) bind together to form a meaty block. The resulting product is plant-based, high in protein & fibre, and it’s good for the gut, too.

At Better Nature, their uncompromising love for people, the planet & animals sits at the core of everything they do, including their brave, engaging & warm brand.

Led by a squad of ‘superbean’ characters & their playful & quirky tone of voice, they educate consumers without sounding too serious or pushy. Better Nature's distinctive, relatable & inspiring brand resonates with the growing number of consumers looking for delicious, all-natural & ethically-produced plant-based proteins.

Company Values.

Human | Brave | Optimistic | Curious | Better-Bound

Better Nature see transparency, honesty & willingness to listen, learn & improve as key to building a strong, long-term relationship with their customers & internally with their people. As a place to work, Better Nature try to embody all the following key values & look for people who are human, brave, optimistic, curious & Better-bound.

They offer free mental health support to all employees, encourage all team members to take ownership of their own work & ways of working, ensure that they have plenty of fun & laughter wherever they can & always try to be honest, respectful & kind in all they do. 

​​​With a love for tempeh, a passion for plant-based eating & a common will to make the world a healthier, happier, fairer place, Better Nature is a great place to be, as the team continues to grow, all with the mission to live life without compromising on people, the planet or animals!

Journey So Far...

Better Nature Was Born.

With a love for tempeh, a passion for plant-based eating & a common will to make the world a healthier, happier, fairer place, a group of entrepreneurs, based in Indonesia & UK, came to together & Better Nature was born!

Year Of Awards, Recognition & New Hires

Awarded 'Best Startup of the Cohort' at the ProVeg Incubator, Europe’s leading alternative protein incubator programme & 'Most Innovative Alternative Food Ingredient' award at Food Ingredients Europe 2019.

Won the ‘Best New High-Protein Food & Beverage Startup’ award at the 11th Protein Summit, the ‘TWB Startup Award’ at Toulouse Business School & awarded the ‘Most Innovative Plant-or-Cereal-based Food Ingredient’ at Fi Europe.

The Superbean team grows with key new hires, Noora as Head of Social, Ursa as Head of Design & Elvira as Head of Research.

Even More Success & Growth.

Successfully raised £400k in funding to invest in NPD, Sales & Marketing. In July, became the first Plastic Neutral meat-alternative company in the world, by contributing to the removal of the same amount of plastic from the environment as used in their packaging & shipping.

In Oct, joined forces with One Planet Pizza, to create the world’s first frozen tempeh pizza. The limited edition pizza, named “Masala Tempehtation”, is topped with Better Nature’s Moreish Masala Better Bites.

Key hires include Anand as Sales Exec, Thalis as Product Developer & Lidwina as Research Exec.

Exciting Growth Plans Ahead.

Since launching have released 9 tempeh-based products, launched their online shop, launched onto Amazon, the Vegan Kind Supermarket & Planet Organic & been featured in publications like the Telegraph & Forbes.

Better Nature have many exciting plans to keep expanding in 2021 – including plans to grow the Superbean team with 3 new hires via Foodchain Recruitment. Watch the space below for new opportunities.

  • Christopher Kong - Co-Founder
    Christopher Kong - Co-Founder

    "We are very much a mission-first business. Our aim is to create a happier, healthier, more sustainable planet for everyone by tackling the suffering caused by the animal protein industry."

  • Elin Roberts - Co-Founder
    Elin Roberts - Co-Founder

    ​“Current food system needs to change. Around half of UK consumers are seeking to add extra protein to their diets, however the rate at which animal protein is cultivated cannot be sustained."

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