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About Alyve.

Established in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alyve is a data driven health-tech personalised nutrition brand.

Pronounced – Alive, it’s name was coined from the results we strive to deliver our users.

Since being created after the founders own personal health issues, he set up to create a platform that eliminates the guesswork out of nutrition.

The founders goal is to provide individuals with a personalised all-in-one solution unique to you.

Being a little fish in a big pond, Alyve is disturbing the comfortably sitting big players in the nutrition space.

Exposing their weak spots and providing a real solution that actually works.

Company Values.​

Family | Innovation | Quality | Integrity

Alyve’s beliefs are nothing but ensuring everyone who comes across their platform has a uniquely amazing experience. With the mission of becoming the leading provider of personalised nutrition in the UK, that is accessible, convenient, and affordable for everyone.

Journey So Far...

Alyve Framework built.

Alyve started as a one-man team with the founder doing everything by himself, but they grew to a quality 8 person team, including industry leading tech developers.

Funding, Improvements & Growth

They secured their first round of funding enabling them to increase and improve their product, technology, marketing and team. They have seen 1,077% growth since their launch and it’s only growing more each day.

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