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Aloha 65

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About Aloha 65

Big Wave Brands Ltd is a young start-up that has a created a fantastic new, versatile spirit: Spirit of Aloha 65.

And for a bit of extra fun, a spicy sauce (made from the same ingredients minus the alcohol!) and some delicious things we call “Detonators”, their chilli-infused pineapple chunks. 

Their mission is to build a major, global, disruptive, spirits brand (and maybe also a pretty large spicy sauce and snack company).  

Their products are all vegan and they proudly support The Plastic Oceans Foundation (UK). 

Their brand is fun, young and doesn’t take itself too seriously.  In 2020, the year after they launched, they received an award recently for being Europe’s most innovative new spirit and another for having the best Social Media Tribe.

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