🍸 Join the Bold Revolution at CROSSIP | Operations Assistant | Bishop's Stortford, UK

🍸 Join the Bold Revolution at CROSSIP | Operations Assistant | Bishop's Stortford, UK

Posted 29 April 2023

At FOODCHAIN Recruitment, we're thrilled to collaborate with the audaciously bold non-alcoholic spirits brand, CROSSIP, in the search for a dynamic Operations Assistant to join their team. This is not just a job; it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the exciting world of creating new liquids, managing stock and logistics, and honing a spectrum of skills at every turn.


CROSSIP doesn't just produce non-alcoholic spirits; they redefine the game. Unapologetically bold, they challenge the notion that alcohol is essential for a satisfying adult drink. With a damn good time infused into their mission, CROSSIP crafts premium non-alcoholic spirits that shatter the bland stereotype.

πŸ’š Sustainability at Its Core: CROSSIP's commitment goes beyond bold flavors; it's in their responsibly sourced ingredients and 100% recyclable packaging.


🍹 Liquid Alchemy: You'll be at the heart of creating CROSSIP's signature liquids, ensuring each drop is a burst of unrivaled flavor.

🌟 SALSA Standard: Uphold the highest production standards, making sure every liquid meets the exceptional CROSSIP quality.

🧹 Cleanliness Crusader: Maintain impeccable cleanliness and organization, creating a workspace as bold and efficient as CROSSIP itself.

🚚 Logistics Extraordinaire: Dive into the dynamic world of managing logistics and stock, ensuring every move aligns with CROSSIP's grand vision.

πŸš€ Unleash Your Potential: This role is your gateway to unlocking the secrets of crafting exceptional non-alcoholic spirits, working closely with the visionary Founders.

πŸ“¦ Stock & Logistics Mastery: Dive into the daily adventure of managing stock and logistics, ensuring every detail contributes to CROSSIP's unstoppable journey.

🌐 Event Extravaganza: Your role extends beyond the ordinary; you'll be part of captivating events, adding a dynamic layer to your skill set.



πŸŽ“ Passion in Every Sip: Educated or passionate about the drinks industry, your enthusiasm fuels your journey with CROSSIP.

🌈 Innovation Enthusiast: If you're excited by innovation and the idea of being part of a game-changing startup, this is your calling.

πŸ“š Eager Learner: Your desire to learn and expand your knowledge in the drinks industry, manufacturing, and food safety is your driving force.

πŸ“ˆ Records Maestro: A competent record-keeper, comfortable following instructions, and embracing rigid procedures.

πŸš— On the Move: A driver's license is a must as you embark on this thrilling journey with CROSSIP.



πŸ“ Location: Bishop's Stortford, CM23 3YT: Your daily hub for unleashing creativity. On-site parking available.



Express your interest by contacting your Foodchain Contact, or emailing: team@foodchainrecruitment.com. If you are new to Foodchain, you can contact us via LinkedIn or via the below link to discuss further.

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